ruth ziveAbout Ruth Zive

Ruth Zive has been stringing words together since before she knew how to spell. 

Ruth is a skilled wordsmith, content  strategist and metrics-driven marketer with a solid track record for developing full-service marketing materials and strategies, including white papers, case studies, press releases, websites, blog posts, newsletters, infographics, slide presentations and email campaigns.

With more than a decade of experience and expertise serving clients in the technology, financial services, retail and non profit industries, Ruth specializes in content marketing and digital strategy to accelerate corporate growth.

About Xpressly

Xpressly is based in Toronto, Canada and provides support to companies throughout North America. At Xpressly, Ruth Zive works with a network of content marketing experts and consultants to meet clients’ digital marketing needs across a spectrum.

Xpressly is known for prioritizing content and grounding each client’s marketing approach with strategic messaging and positioning.

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